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General Instructions

  • Log in to Grade Management System using the CC User ID and Password.
  • Please process one responsibility at a time. Opening multiple windows for different responsibilities at the same time may cause a problem.
  • Please check and confirm the correct course name, academic year and student list in the grade entry form. Discrepancies, if any, may be reported immediately to the OARS office at
  • To finally authenticate grade entries, click on "Authenticate Grade Entries" after saving all the grade entries.
  • If you don't authenticate Grade Entries, they will be treated as "Not Submitted".
  • Once you authenticate the Grade Entries, you may not be able to change them any more.
  • Mozilla Firefox(70+), Google Chrome(70+) and Safari on MacOSX(12+) browsers are recommended to access the portal.
  • Please enable JavaScript in your browser.
  • If you experience any technical difficulties in the online grade submission process, please write to